Do you know why we are called Uncles Tavern?

Uncle’s Tavern is named after pioneer hotelier Ly Underdown, “Uncle” being the nickname given to Ly in the 1950’s .
Ly Underdown arrived in Alice Springs in 1929 and opened a general store on the site which was to become the “Hotel Alice Springs”. The following year when a new store threatened his livelihood, Ly with his mother, Mrs Daisy Underdown, built a hotel on the site of the store.

The Hotel was completed and opened in September 1933. In 1979, The Hotel Alice was bought by the Telford Group and renamed The Telford Alice. Lycurgus Underdown died in 1984, ironically the day after fire destroyed his hotel.

On the day of the fire, Ly went into a coma and on the following day he died.